An explanation of Mondrian's oeuvre by Michael Sciam

Past and present

A continuity between classical and modern art

If at first glance there does not seem to be anything in common between the two frescoes by Raffaello and the painting by Mondrian, a more careful analysis reveals some interesting affinities.

La Disputa del Sacramento, 1508 and Broadway Boogie Woogie, 1942-43

The comparison help us highlighting themes of universal character common to the three works and demonstrate that, mutatis mutanti, the twentieth-century painting can represent a synthesis of the two sixteenth-century frescoes.

La Scuola di Atene, 1508-10 and Broadway Boogie Woogie, 1942-43

At a distance of four centuries, the three artworks speak to us of substantial aspects of human existence. They certainly do so in a very different way because in the meantime everything has changed in the lives of men.

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